Sanding tables

Sanding table „Octopus“
Sanding table „Octopus“ collects dust throughout the surface of the woodwork. It is an ideal workbench for dust-free sanding which ensures smooth and efficient operation without any adverse effect on human health.

With its various table sizes ranging from 1.3 to 3.3 m² it provides a secure work surface for all workpieces, small or large. The table is constructed from trapezoidal pressed sheet steel with dust extraction openings and lined with a resistant felt to provide a non-damaging surface for workpieces.

Key benefits:

  • For connection to an extractor
  • Optimised dust collection over entire table surface
  • Available in three table lengths
  • Ergonomic height adjustment feature
  • For version with mechanical height adjustment also available with positioning system
  • Table loading capacity of 150 kg

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