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About us

We are a group of engineers developing air purification system solutions for industrial companies in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia and Ukraine more than two decades. We are practitioners with deep understanding of industrial technological processes, so we develop, consult and select the most suitable air purification equipment.

Our goal is to offer you the best air purification equipment at the best price and contribute to the preservation of clean nature.

Without air purification equipment, we can`t imagine the activities of wood processing, metal working, energy and other industrial companies that care about the environment around us today.

We are ready to solve the problems of industrial air purification equipment in 5 steps:

All projects we start from a visit to the customerto understand the client`s expectations and technical requirements, production specificity and location.
We prepare a technical description of the project, which is reconfirmed with the customer.
When technical specification is being agreed, our specialists together with the manufacturers offer best solution according to the customer needs. Also an accurate estimate is being prepared.
We order to make the equipment or select already manufactured one. The production process is coordinated by our specialists.
The equipment is delivered to the client and installed.

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